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Complex Well Guidance for G&G Asset Team Professionals
January 28, 2010

Full 5-Day Course Overview:  http://www.zenzebra.net/complexwell/knoll-course-description.pdf

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Bob Knoll


Questions & Readings

Recording of the one-hour webinar part of the e-symposium:

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The Complex Well Guidance PowerPoint (saved as pdf)



Questions for CEU Credit:  Please write a brief (one paragraph) response to the questions and email them to educate@aapg.org
1.   What are three major differences between a vertical well and a horizontal well? 
2.   What is geosteering?  What are the key elements in geosteering?  What kinds of information are needed for effective geosteering? 
3.   Discuss the elements that can create complications for the geosteering team.
4.   List two places where horizontal drilling has been used effectively to drill and produce a reservoir that could not be effectively exploited via vertical holes.


Basic Information
Horizontal Wells Help Recovery Rates.  PTTC workshops summary.

Horizontal Well Drilling.  http://tonto.eia.doe.gov/FTPROOT/petroleum/tr0565.pdf
Published in 1993, but still a good, basic resource.

Horizonal Drilling.  Diagrams and basic details.  http://www.geology.wisc.edu/courses/g115/oil/4.html

Multilateral Completions:  http://www.iadc.org/dcpi/dc-novdec99/n-multilaterals.pdf

White Papers on Current Challenges and Solutions
New Methods Boost Multistage Fracturing in Horizontals  (registration required:  registration is free)

Schlumberger Technical Paper: Geomechanics Enables the Success of Horizontal Well Drilling in Libya: A Case Study

GeoSteering White Papers
SPE 121186 - Case History: A Robust Point-the-Bit Rotary Steerable System with At-Bit Imaging
and 3D Geosteering Service Integral to Optimal Wellbore Placement in a Complex Thin Sand Reservoir
(registration required:  registration is free)

Multilateral Wells in the Castilla Field of Eastern Colombia: A Case History of the Guadalupe Reservoir
(registration required:  registration is free)

Geosteering for Maximum Contact in Thin-Layer Well Placement
(registration required:  registration is free)

Additional Articles
Article on Complex Well Guidance by Bob Knoll

Case study:  Southern Alberta

The Little Oil Patch That Could
http://www.zenzebra.net/complexwell/WCB-Th- Littl- Oil Patch-That-Could-With-Figures.pdf